Fees and Commission
An Argument for Transparency

There is nothing inherently wrong with commission payments for financial advice. Rather than paying directly, clients often prefer for adviser fees to be deducted from investments or paid by product providers. However, when there is no transparency as to what commission your adviser is really receiving and how this may impact the underlying costs of your investments or financial products, the system is open to abuse. This is particularly the case with international and offshore financial services where unjustifiably high commissions on certain products and underlying investments will significantly hamper returns and trap clients in unsuitable structures.

At Chartered Global we are passionately opposed to the status quo of high hidden commissions which too often impact unsuspecting international expatriates. Whatever way your adviser is remunerated, you can only be sure that you are getting real value if there is complete transparency as to exactly what fees and commissions are being paid. Because our transparent fees are agreed in advance, we have no conflict of interest in the advice we provide and our clients benefit from knowing exactly what they are paying and the value they are getting.

It is time to move away from an industry model where providers pay advisers to sell their financial products for high hidden commissions. At Chartered Global we advocate a professional model where we are paid transparently for providing expert unbiased advice and delivering true value to our clients.

Our Clients Benefit From:

✔️  transparent fees

✔️  commission rebates

✔️  no hidden incentives

✔️  unbiased advice

✔️  no conflict of interests

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