Why Chartered

Assets in various countries, multiple currencies, differing tax rules. Expat life can get complicated. There are opportunities but there are also pitfalls and you need real expertise to help navigate the best course. Our advisers are all Chartered Financial Planners or Certified Financial Planners, the highest qualified experts in the international market. Learn what Chartered advice could mean for you.


Transparent Costs

We are challenging the international industry’s traditional commission structures and the lack of transparency as to what and how advisers get paid. How can you trust an advice process riddled with undisclosed conflicts of interest? So we offer our clients peace of mind through fair and transparent remuneration. Find out the truth about the hidden costs in financial services and why our fee-based model is so much fairer and more beneficial for you.


Life Planning

Are you on track? Is this the life you really want? We each have limited time and finite resources, but we can help you find the right balance between living life now and planning for your future. Your outcomes will be the sum total of your decisions and when it comes to your money you need to make smart choices. So let’s get started on your future right now.


Do you have a plan?

Mapping Out Your Future

We are experts in financial planning. From banking to foreign exchange, building wealth to preserving wealth, estate planning to tax planning. But the perfect financial plan is only relevant and meaningful if it is an extension of a larger life plan. At Chartered Global we always keep our eye on your bigger picture. Financial products and expert knowledge are the tools of our trade, but they are not the why of our profession. Our job is to help you plan the best life that  you  can  have,  to ensure that  you do the things that you want to do, when you want to do them. To protect yourself and your loved ones from life’s unexpected events and to make sure that you continue to have enough money to enjoy the lifestyle that you want.

Life planning and financial planning take intent, thought and commitment. Our clients all have one thing in common – they are serious about achieving what they want in life, and we are serious about helping them.


Do you know your number?

How much is enough? When will you be able to maintain the life you want?  Will you ever run out of money? You have to know what you will need and where you are heading if you want to make smart decisions about your money.

Find out how we can deliver clarity.

If you don’t know where you are going
you’ll end up some place else. — Yogi Berra

Where are your current financial arrangements taking you?

The traditional business model of your bank or adviser revolves around selling you financial products, but how can you ever know if they are acting in your best interest?



Are your fees too high?
Are there additional hidden costs?
Are you paying for products that you don’t need?


Because the traditional world of financial services is driven by your bank or adviser selling you products, most clients end up paying too much for services and structures that they often don’t really need. We will evaluate your existing arrangements and investments and provide a completely unbiased review of your current circumstances. Because our service proposition is not product-driven we can advise what structures you really do or don’t need to realise your financial goals, and often we can substantially reduce or renegotiate existing fees on your behalf. Request a comprehensive financial review today and benefit from:

✔️ the truth about financial products
✔️ much lower fees and costs
✔️ suitable and holistic solutions
✔️ no conflict of interest

Are you taking more risk
than you realize?

Risk Warning

Are you taking more risk than you realise? Just how much risk should you really be taking with your money?

One of the most common scenarios we uncover when performing a full financial review for clients is that they are exposed to much more investment risk than they need to be, and very often they are not aware of just how much volatility their capital could be exposed to.

Getting the risk balance right is a complicated but essential process. We help our clients understand their own risk preferences and analyse their overall circumstances to establish how much or how little risk they need to be taking to realistically achieve their financial goals.

Don’t leave yourself exposed to unnecessary or unsuitable risk…

Helping You Sleep Better At Night

Find out how much risk you are really comfortable taking — request a free risk profile analysis and report.

Where do you fall on the risk comfort scale?


Looking for a path to financial freedom?
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